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一.如何获得网站流量?(How to get traffic to website?)

It takes diligence and hard work to drive traffic to your website.Providing original, quality, free content is still the most effective.


Get more backlinks, do not use content generators, avoid copy pasting from another website. social media marketing is key. i get 90% of my traffic from twitter and facebook shares and i make good money


二.如何获得有效的外部链接?Effective ways of link building

Article submission(amazines, articlesnatch, goarticles, articleclick etc…), comments, directory submission, Blogging and Blog Commenting, forum activities and social bookmarking (twitter, facebook, stumbleupon, reddit, diggit etc…)

把文章投稿到网站(注国外新闻稿发布网站amazines, articlesnatch等),评论、目录提交、博客和博客评论、论坛活动和社会书签(Twitter,Facebook,StumbleUpon,diggit etc等)。

三.如何提高ALEXA网站排名?How to improve alexa ranking for website

Don’t focus on your alexa ranking. Focus on getting quality traffic. You can increase the quality of your traffic by just being consistent in article marketing, forum posting, blog commenting, guest blogging, blogging etc. those are free methods but you can get quality and real traffic by just implementing those consistently.


最好的关键词工具是?Which is the best keyword tracker tool

I would agree with everyone here and also suggest Google Keyword Tool.

You can get great keywords there by typing your initial keyword, and google will give you many other keywords. This tool is beyond amazing and FREE! Could anyone imagine 10 years ago to have such powerful information provided for free?

我想大家都同意Google Adword是最好的关键词工具,你搜索某个关键词Google会提供许多其他关键词,这个工具是惊人的,谁能想象10年前有这样一款强大的免费工具?

四.如何获得Google的排名?How to rank on Google?

1:Always place your major keyword in the title, keywords and description tags.(设置你主要关键字、标题、关键词和描述标签)

2:You should go for link exchange with the quality websites.(你应该和高质量网站交换链接)

3:Make blog for each of your product and give your major keywors as your blog name(给每个产品和博客名称设置keywords)

4:Update blog on regular interval.(定期更新你的博客)

5:Ping your blog regularly.(定期ping你的博客?注:这个我不是很理解)

6:Submit each blog post URL on the top bookmarking sites like digg, faves,delicious etc..(把每篇博文提交到像digg、faves、delicious etc等书签站点上)

7:Create product page on facebook.(在facebook上建立相关页面)

8:Submit your URL on the relevant directories.(把网址提交到相关目录中)

9:Always provide alt tag in the image.(给图片加入ALT标签)




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